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Does your hospital make you wear a uniform? (for example, all pink scrub outfits) Do you have a uniform allowance? do you think nurses should wear all white? What do you think nurses should wear... Read More

  1. by   MaineNurse67
    Well, the dress code is always such a hot issue where I work! I work in a LTC / skilled rehab unit. For years, the previous administrator, who was from the "old school", felt that nurses must wear only white. Then about 2 yrs ago, we got her to consent to Teal and White me, a major accomplishment! When I became DNS, I found that this made it very difficult in hiring new staff...most of them owned many scrubs, but none in teal! They ended up going out and buying new ones and we made no allowances to help pay for them. I thought this was asking a lot of a new employee. The DAY that this administrator retired, guess what? I immediately changed the dress code to any colored scrubs! The staff and residents LOVE it! And it makes my job in hiring new staff so much easier.
  2. by   C.OlinoRN
    Originally posted by ClariceS:
    About 2 years ago, our hospital went to a practice based uniform system. All the nurses have to wear royal blue, respiratory in green, physical therapy in dark blue/green, housekeeping in navy, etc. Of course, at first it was met with resistance but they way they put it, either wear it or find another job. Now it is kind of nice because it is easy for us to tell everyone apart. It was supposed to be for the patients but unless they are "frequent flyers" they don't notice that only the nurses wear the royal, resp the green etc. NO I don't think nurses should all wear white. At least our royal hides some of the messes we come into contact with. I'm sure some patients would like that but my job on a surgical floor is too messy for that. I also like that we get to wear scrub clothes even if we have no choice in the color. They are comfortable and easy to care for.
    I feel that there needs to be clear for patients and other health care professionals, as to who is who. I think hospital should designate colors to the different dept. so no matter your patients are clear with who is providing them care. RN's have worked really hard to obtain their degrees, and should be recognized without any question.

  3. by   Dayannight
    At our hospital we can wear any color uniforms or scrubs we choose. I'm glad we have variety! At one time the OB unit required their nurses to wear only mauve color uniforms, but not any longer.
  4. by   RoughGuide
    Where I work in the UK we wear blue scrub uniforms. The hospital provides them, they wash and press them, and we get an annual allowance for shoes!

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