nursing clogs

  1. hi , i wanna know if anyone has tried the clogs by the name allegria ( i wanna get some white ones for school) they are like $95.00 they look super comfy ,but ive only seen them online so if anyone has tried these can you tell me how you like them? are they light? any blisters? worth the money ? and do they look ok with your scrubs and socks? thank you
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  3. by   vashtee
    You'd better check with your school before buying them if they are open in the back. A lot of schools require totally enclosed shoes.
  4. by   Penguin67
    Personally , I love Dansko clogs. Comfortable and make me feel like my legs haven't worked a 12 hours shift. Best shoes I've worn in 20 years of nursing and ther's a color to suit everyone.
  5. by   bohica
    ya you know i thought about that too i think i will have to get somthing with a closed back, im gonna keep looking , i think i still might get me a pair of those allegria in a funky fun color for at home they look pretty laid back lol! thanks all
  6. by   vashtee
    Personally, I used to love Dansko, but not any more. The arches never seem to fall on the same part of my foot. Sanitas makes great clogs, and they have lots of hand-painted ones that are very cool. This company used to make the soles for Dansko before they changed to a Chinese manufacturing company.
  7. by   kawaiikw
    I own a few pairs of Alegria Clogs for their funcky colors. I used to wear Dansko, but not anymore after I tried on a pair of Alegria. They are soo comfortable. They do have enclosed shoes with the same footbed, same comfort.