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Can anyone recommend comfortable scrubs and shoes? I am pretty tall, about 5'11" and wear a size 5/6 and am looking for scrub pants that are long enough without being huge in my waist and need really... Read More

  1. by   MrsEd
    I swear by Dansko clogs. Ever since I started wearing them I no longer suffer from lower back pain or knee pain after being on my feet for 12+ hours.
  2. by   Flo.
    I love walmart scrubs, they are super comfortable! For shoes, I wear the Nike Frees. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They are very light and feel like you have nothing on. They also have super traction.
  3. by   casi
    For shoes I wear new balance. I've been nursing/nursing assisting in new balance shoes for about seven years now and refuse to change brands.

    My favorite scrubs are cherokee workwear. Most scrubs are kinda rough when you first get them. Throw them in the washing machine 2-3times. It really helps.
  4. by   rockermom
    BTW - Grays pants come in tall, love em. The New Balance scrubs look really cute, but I haven't had a chance to try them on yet. My best best best advise that I give everyone I know (and they all agree) is Asics running shoes. Best shoe ever. Period. I dealt for years with plantar fasciitis and have tried every shoe under the moon, even spending up to $250 on fancy New Balances with inserts, but since switching over, I need to look no further. Just try them on and you will feel the difference. I'm sure they can be found in all white online - maybe Good luck!
  5. by   KGMM
    That is GREAT to know about the Dansko clogs, L1-S1 is my issue area and obviously a huge problem for being on my feet, I will definitely try them on! Thanks!!
  6. by   KGMM
    I saw Walmart had scrubs when I did a search online so that is great to know they are good. Nike Frees will go on my "try-on" list, great info thank you!!!
  7. by   KGMM
    Another vote for New Balance, definitely trying them on! It seems the same few brands keep coming up so that is good to know to narrow down what to try on! Thank you! I'm glad you said about washing them a few times because I thought they were scratchy when I tried Cherokee on, the ones I tried were short for me but maybe I could buy the tops and find tall length cherokees. Thank you!!
    I'll throw about a million snuggle sheets in the dryer with them to soften them up too maybe! lol!! Thank you very much!!
  8. by   KGMM
    My husband wears Asics running shoes sometimes & he loves them too. I've dumped a ton of money into good running shoes, Mizuno's plus custom inserts for shock absorption and they actually are worth every penny...a little over $230 all said and done. I used to run prior to surgery and was trying to do it again, I can't run anymore but I wear the Mizuno's all the time and they're great BUT they don't make any white pairs in the style that works for me!! ugh!! lol!
    I will definitely try the Asics on, I will buy 2 pairs of comfy shoes to switch off from in the beginning so I love all these recommendations from you guys being you live in your shoes and scrubs!! The sales people just want you to buy what they have but you guys are the REAL experts!!
    Gray scrubs pants are actually a good idea being they would match with most tops and could be worn more often...I like that suggestion and in tall length is awesome! Thanks so much I REALLY appreciate everyone's help!
    I'm off to go shopping this morning but keep the suggestions coming please!!! THANK YOU!:redpinkhe
  9. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Word of caution about Shapeups...I was their biggest fan and even had several posts on this board about how great they were. Well, they were great for the first few months. After that I started getting hip and neck pains. Now, I've had back and knee issues for years, but this is new. I did some research and lots of people have had similar issues with the Shapeups (google it and see before you buy). I immediately stopped wearing them and my hip and neck pain has disappeared. There are theories that they throw your body out of alignment with prolonged use.

    I agree they are like walking on a cloud at first, and I was so sad when I realized that mine were causing my pain, because to my feet they were divine!
  10. by   KGMM
    Very good to know...and that makes sense too being the point of these types of shoes is to throw off your balance a bit in order to activate your core muscles and different muscle action in your butt and legs that normally wouldn't occur with walking as your body attempts to find balance again. Good to know..perhaps they'd be good as long as you alternated with other shoes. Thanks for the info, I've got enough back issues don't need to add other issues! lol!
    Thank you!!
  11. by   StyleNurse, BSN, RN
    Hi KGMM,

    So I'll have clinicals in the fall. From the research I've done on shoes I'm looking to try on Alegria, Asics, Dawgs, Nike Shox, Quark Pro Air II (all white), and Earth Shoes. Those are just some I thought looked good and from what I read online they all seem to be very comfortable too. Good luck on your search!
  12. by   teena thomas
    hi,,,i am a nurse on the telemetry unit,working 12 hour night shifts.I am 7 months pregnant(my first one)and already on short term disability for chronic back pain,Please suggest a good scrub shoe that will help my back when i return back to work.Thank you all