Neck massager?

  1. Ok..I am a working (LPN) mother of two going to school for my RN. I am stressed. I have been having terrible neck pain lately, I assume because of tension. It feels like a tightness just below my neck. Can anyone recommend a good neck massager? I really would like one with some good kneeding action (not just vibration). I am willing to spend about $50.00. Thanks. Colleen
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  3. by   keithjones
    Try to elevate reading material in front of your face instead of craning your neck forward to read at stomach level... this eliminates a ton of muscle strain. Visit a chiropractor a few times that will help a ton as well. College students are notorious for this type of repetitive motion injury. I went to a chiropractor at the end of my B.A. days for lower back pain and found out my neck was in far worse shape. I will need to go again soon since I am starting a ADN program.
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    Ok..I am a working (LPN) mother of two..
    Kids will work for candy... $50 is a lot of candy.

    Seriously though, try the gear reviews on or or Amazon.