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I'm looking for some help. I am moving to New Orleans in June and am trying to find an accelerated (2nd degree) BSN program in the area. (I have no nursing experience but I work as a tech in an ophthalmology clinic). I am very interested in LSU Health Sciences Center but really know nothing about the school or have any other prospective schools in the area. Does anyone have some helpful advice to offer? If anyone has attended LSUHSC, I am wondering how competitive it is.



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Here's a link to another:

I don't know anything about either of them, other than the OLOL students do clinicals where I work, and I also work with one of their grads - she's awesome.


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I just applied to LSUHSC's accelerated bachelor's for the Fall (apps due 2/1). My biggest piece of advice is to go over your transcript(s) with someone from the program. I'm glad I did or my app would have been rejected. It was a bit of a process getting my classes from an out of state institution approved but the staff were helpful.

I was also worried because my GPA from my first bachelor's is only a 3.12 (a bit higher with pre-reqs). When I asked if I was TRULY competitive, they said they've started looking at more than just GPA. Your letters of reference, application, and goal statements along with a possible interview process will all be a factor.

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