Nursing School Pivot From Marketing?

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing



Hello everyone,

I'm a 23-year-old recent graduate with a degree in Marketing, but I've realized my passion lies in nursing. It's what had initally wanted to do but switched at the last minute.

 I I plan to enroll in my city's community college for an ADN in early January 2025 to become an RN, followed by pursuing a BSN while working in the field.

I'm seeking advice on transitioning careers and entering the nursing field. I just graduated in December and quit my last job due to a recent death in the family. What steps can I take between now and then to prepare for nursing school? Additionally, any tips on managing work (planning to get a marketing job) while preparing for nursing education would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any guidance or insights you can provide!

Also I'm in Louisville btw not sure if that matters:)

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