Nursing School in Ireland


Hi everyone! So, I am currently in school to become an RN but my end goal is eventually to get a bachelors in nursing. I want to apply to nursing schools in Ireland, specifically WIT in Waterford. They have a BSc in Nursing Studies which is 30 weeks long and it says that you are eligible to apply if you have a Diploma in Nursing or equivalent. If I have researched correctly I saw that Ireland does not offer any Diploma courses anymore for nursing but they do in the US. So my question is once I graduate with my associates in nursing (RN) here in the US does that make me qualified for the Nursing Studies program?

Also for the program it says I have to be registered with the NMBI. Is there any chance of me being able to get registered with the NMBI with a RN degree if I am clear that I am going to continuing my studies with nursing in Ireland?

Sorry if that is confusing! I am just trying to figure it out because I know you pretty much need a bachelors in nursing to work anywhere in Ireland and I do not want to waste my money applying for schools, registrations, and Visas if I have no chance.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with these question or just any insight at all on the Nursing Programs or US equivalencies.

Thanks guys!