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I am a LPN student currently taking classes at a local community college and in for about 2-2.5 years before I earn my ADN and start practicing as a RN which is my goal.

I am looking for a faster way to do this. I have recieved a BS degree in Biology from an university and am free to move around to the best school for my speedy education.

I am VERY confused by all the Excelor(regis) at home schooling and online options.

If you have gotten your ADN this way or some other way that is quicker than campus PLEASE share the info...

How do I do this? Is it as good as a campus ADN?

Are there any down sides???


thank you

Kelly Wallis


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Hi Kelly and welcome!

You might want to look into schools that have accelerated RN programs for students that already have a BA/BS. Here's a link to the AACN bulleting:

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