nursing school in Idaho, initial license in California?


Hi Everyone,

I am almost done with my nursing program in Idaho, however I am from California and I am planning on returning there when done. Does anyone know if I can take my initial boards in California? or do I need to get my license in Idaho and then transfer it. Any help would be great!



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As a recent graduate of an Arizona nursing program I was allowed by the California Board of Nursing to test for a license. So it is definitely possible although it did take awhile for them to process it. I sent my paperwork in after thanksgiving and didn't get my letter till late January. I recommend you go to there website. And check the hours needed in each LVN in California is 1,530 Total Hours:Theory - *576 Hours; Clinical - 954 Hours. Good luck!

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Can't answer your question, but are ya sure you don't wanna stay in Idaho? There are actually new grad jobs here opposed to California ;)


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I agree with Tokyo. Stay put, get your license and a year of experience under your belt and then move. New grad positions are hard if not impossible to get here in California.