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Nursing school - home life balance

Stress 101   (1,268 Views 1 Comments)
by LFalcon LFalcon (New Member) New Member

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I just thought I would reach out and ask those who might have dealth with this before... how did you handle nursing school, taking care of the house, your marriage... financial stuff.. or lack of???

I am very blessed, I am in nursing school and am not working (due to non-nursing lay-off - getting unemployment). My husband works and goes to school FT and FT. I have a teen in his senior year of high school. The house is generally pretty quiet, it seems like all we ever do is study, study and study. :uhoh3:

Has anyone had those days where you wake up in a "funk"?? I did today, today it was awful I stayed home to make phone calls, take care of all the stuff I neglect and I just blew off school!! (I feel so guilty) :confused:

Also, I'm in Adult I and I find the material incredibly boring. I love my clinicals/the hospital/ I'm just tired of talking about the GI system.... It is very stressful to fit in school, lab, clinicals and care plan.. then study for tests!! I get so tired and I often take it out on my DH... which is what I did today.

Honestly for no reason I spent my afternoon crying, just crying. We have lots of financial stress... house is probably going into foreclosure, I guess what lots of people are going through in today's times, just too many bills and not enough money.

I guess bottom line, did you ever have one of those days?? how did you deal with your school as not to take it out on your DH??? were you tired all the time too?? sometimes it's nice to know I'm not the only one...

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