Nursing School Distress


Hi guys. I am nearing the last 3 weeks in my 2nd of junior yr. I have an adult med-surg class. 1st exam, 90; 2nd exam, 71; 3rd exam, 76. I was soooo upset about this bc i studied my a** off & was so confident about it & when I saw my grade, i was devastated and immediately cried. I reached out to one of my professors for the class through email asking for help, over a week has passed, no reply. I am also starting a new job on 2nd, which decreases some of my study time. I need a 77 to pass, and I am at a 79%. I'm soooo scared about whats going to happen. But, I think that I am frustrated more with the action of the I understand you are busy, but you have students & in a way, you are responsible for their success & don't take the job if you only respond to emails from people when you feel like it. I have the support of my boyfriend, & others in the nursing program, and these are the only people I can count on at the moment. I guess this is a post for other students who feel the same to vent. Its like, how much more of nursing school can I take. I only have 1 more yr (thank God), but I'm sooo scared about the outcome for this semester, I've never been this close to failing any class. Maybe we can come to this thread to encourage and help each other..How do you study for your Adult class. Thanks for "listening" :nurse: