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? about Nursing School Classes


I am starting Nursing School this fall and was just wondering what the classes are like. JAny info would be greatly appreciated. Also, someone posted another thread earlier about Nursing Math, are there additional math classes in Nursing school?

It really depends on the school far as math classes go. My nursing school doesn't do extra math classes but we have to take a math test called Pro Calc every quarter on the first day we get back from a break. We have 3 changes to pass it. We work on a 7 qtr system so freshman are qtrs 1,2, and 3 and they must pass ProCalc w/at least an 80. Seniors are qtrs 4-6and must pass at 90%. 7th qtr must pass at 100% because by then we're in a preceptorship.

All nursing schools are different and a nursing class itself has a different vibe from the class before or after it so it's hard for me to tell what it's going to be like. All nursing schools are full of drama so my only suggestion is steer clear of gossip but don't be a door mat either. I am friendly but not overly so & I am known to keep my distance, I don't want people in my home or nor do I study in groups because I feel that invades my personal life & I learn textbook information better if I"m solo. On the other hand I'm more then happy to do lab stuff & eat lunch w/my classmates at clinical sites or in between lecture classes & speak to them via phone if they need something or want to bounce an idea off of me. Thats just my personal boundary & I just get burnt out on crowds quickly. Everyone is different. You'll find what works best for you. My friend is in the nursing class right after me and she loves to work in study groups & hang out w/her study groups socially. You'll find what works for you.

I think an important thing you must know about nursing school is it is very fast paced. You get alot of material and alot of assignments due weekly. If you are one that likes to wait until the last minute to study or complete an assignment it can get real tough on you in a hurry. Most everyone I know who has failed to pass a semester got behind and it just snow balled on them. Remember time management and enjoy the ride, it's a wild one.

At my school there isn't any additional math classes, but you will use math a lot in pharmacology. We also have math quizes every semester before we go to clinical (need to be able to pass meds safely), and pharm questions on regular nursing tests. If you have a math phobia it is ok- the math isn't hard but requires you to think through the question and determine what the question is really asking for.

Nursing school is intense. You have to stay on top of your reading, and study daily. Even if you are a great student and remember everything they say in lecture- you will have to study to do well. Your time isn't your own anymore, you do things when your instructor says you do them. Sometimes you just have to jump through a lot of hoops. I felt first semester especially was a lot like boot camp. You are learning things that you know absolutely nothing about, techniques that you don't know anything about and have to learn how to critically think.

I would also so that it is important not to rock the boat with your clinical instructor. You are definitely there to learn in clinical; but each instructor has their way of doing things- so find out what they are and do them; until next semester when you get a new clinical instructor!

Good luck. Nursing school is a great learning experience. Just get in there and do the best you can.

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