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I hope to find some help; I've been a CNA for 14 years and LVN( Challenge Method) for 4 years.   I'm looking for a 2-year RN program that does not use a point system to get in.  Since I challenged my LVN, most LVN to RN programs will not accept me.  I am always a few points short of making it into most lotteries.  I am looking for RN programs ( in any state, though I am in California) that use the lottery alone for admissions. I have 83 college credits, including all prerequisites for RN, and I have taken the TEAS.  Really hoping to get in somewhere soon.  Thanks for any help.    

Hi, I'm in California and I just applied to Carrington in AZ and they don't have a points system. My TEAS was 70% and they want a 58% but they low key go by GPA and interviews. I'm going back to AZ with my baby just to do it. It's accelerated and I'll be done by next year October. They took all my prereqs. Chamberlain will also do the same and it's also accelerated but you atleast get a BSN 


I'm not sure if this may be of interest to you, but have you looked into Galen College of Nursing? I don't see that they have any campuses in California, but you can explore the other locations that do offer the 24-month ADN or LVN to ADN bridge program (18 months). They don't go by points, and their acceptance rate is 100% as long as you can pass the entrance exam requirements. They do accept transfer credits. I hope this helps, and good luck on all your future endeavors. 

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