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So yesterday I received my acceptance into nursing school. I will be starting in August. Needless to say I am very excited. I am looking for advice to prepare myself for my first semester. Anything I should brush up on before my first day etc.


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I'm in the same boat as you! Starting in August


Good luck.

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What to brush up on for first semester of nursing school…

Well probably the first thing that I would suggest that you brush up on is anatomy and physiology. I would personally lean more towards physiology as that is slightly more important. The next thing that you should probably brush up on is medical language, if you have taken it. Certainly, at least review CPR, even though you probably will not use it, however one of my classmates did. If you have any qualms about meeting and greeting someone unfamiliar to you for the first time, you might want to practice that particular skill like going to a coffee shop like Starbucks or Peet's or something like that, and then strike up a conversation with another customer or two about something.

If you have taken General Psychology, at least read the chapter summaries from your assignments, if you still have that type of information leftover.

As soon as you get your reading assignments for your first semester, I would suggest, make that HIGHLY suggest that you read the first couple of assignments in your book. It might not make much sense to you right away, however, as your instructor goes through the information with you in class, it will start making sense.

I, and a lot of other people, will probably caution you that nursing school is going to be very different from anything else you've done before. Even in my case, it is very true. I have a Sports Medicine Bachelors and I have a Paramedic License. With that, figure that I have been through at least 5 years of education, and paramedic school was very fast-paced. Both of those programs essentially followed the medical model. About the only thing that helped out was the fact that I became used to taking in a lot of information very quickly. You're going to quickly find that nursing school is very different, and does not require that you simply regurgitate memorize information. They are going to start training you to take that information and be able to apply that to the clinical situation at hand.

That is why A and B students typically become B and C students in nursing school. Going into nursing school, I had a 4.0 GPA. Right now, I am lucky to hold a 3.0 GPA.

The last thing that I would suggest, that is not exactly academically oriented, is that you should find a place for you to study. Hopefully by now you have figured out how you study best, continue to use that method. The reason I suggest that you find a place for you to study is because you're going to be immersed very deeply into nursing and for about the next 2 years you're going to be eating, sleeping, breathing, dreaming, studying, and entirely inhabiting nursing. You should work on your relationships with others because in some ways, they are going to take a backseat to your desire to become a nurse. They're going to have to understand that your priorities have to shift for a little while and then you'll be back.

Enjoy your Summer... for you're about to embark on the toughest ride you'll ever love!


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Thanks for your advice! I am currently working in our local ER as a ED tech. I have been working there for two years and I am hoping that being around the medical setting will give me somewhat of a jump start into nursing school.


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Akulahawk this is very good advice. I start in Sept and will take in yr wisdom.

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