Nursing scholarships fir accelerated bsn programs


Just wondering if anyone has information regarding scholarships for accelerated BSN PROGRAMS. I am looking for financial help to cover tuition. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.


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Try your school financial aid office. I received a need-based scholarship from my school that helped me pay for ABSN, however it was specific to students at my university. Scholarships and grants that are specific to university or to your local community have less competition and thus are more likely to result in award of funds.

That being said, one of my friends got her whole ABSN covered with a Nurse Corps scholarship.


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Thank you for responding. I have been looking into Nurse Corps however the 2018-2019 cycle has not opened yet and my classes begin March 5. My school only provides need based aid to students in the traditional nursing program, not the ABSN students.

Thank you again!