Nursing Research Literature Review - Constipation in the Older Adult.

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Hey Guys, I need help I am starting a research assignment of 2500 words on a topic of constipation in the older adult. I am finding it difficult to identify a specific question. Any Ideas would be most welcome. Thank you Stuart:confused:

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Start with a literature search on the general topic. Read the articles published in major journals for the past 2 or 3 years. Use your school's library and use the best professional journals. That should give you a sense of what's being talked about and considered most important to the people already expert in the field -- and also give you a base upon which to base your work. You kill 2 birds with 1 stone by doing that.

Get thee to the library (either online or brick & mortar) and start digging.

Hey thanks for that. Do you think I should concentrate on a specific theme or themes, such as diet and exercise or probably check out all the relevent journal articles and perhaps an idea will be formed on how to take things from there.

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Your first step is to "go broad" ... skim things ... take a look with an open mind and consider everything. After a couple hours of looking things over, you will automatically start narrowing things down as you see the same themes repeated and/or find yourself being attracted to specifics aspects of the general topic.

Don't make up your mind before you start. The purpose of the lit review is to help you focus your ideas. If you already know enough to make good decisions, there is no need to study it, is there?

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