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Hey everyone, its been a while, but I thought...with the new MDS 3.0 out there.. I would ask a question.

I am doing some research while at work related to the MDS and the requirements for Nursing Rehab, the RUGS scores etc. Im reading things on the State Operations Manual (SOM) for F-Tags, and seeing the usual suspects;

f-241- QOL - promote care to enhance well being.

f-242- QOL - Right to self determination and participation in care.

f-309 - QOC which was a general catch all for anything they forgot to put elsehwere, "necessary & appropriate to maintain highest practicable level of well being"

f-310 - QOC ADL's so not diminish unless medically not preventable.

f-311 - QOC - appropriate treatment and services to maintain or improve abilities.

f-312 QOC - necessary services to maintian nutrition, grooming & hygiene if not personally able

f-316 - QOC - restore bladder function as able/possible.

f-317 - QOC - ROM does not diminish unless unpreventable.

f-318 - QOC - increase ROM and prevent further declines in ROM.

So today, someone tosses a Hcpro article at me.... (HCPro: Providing Information to the Healthcare Compliance, Regulation, and Management Industry - which is almost a year old already...

Adding F-Tags like...

f-154- res right to be informed (as a NR participant, you have to get their permission to have them participate)

f-122 - restraints.. I imagine as part of a restraint reduction plan, as we already do, any onther reason?

f-325 - nutrition care plan & interventions (OK, teaching them to work with adaptive utencils.. I get it.)

f-386 - physician visits ( how does this fit????)

f-406 - provisions of services - this is Specialized Rehab Services - not limited to formal therapy, but differentiated from nursing restorative services. so, how does this fit?? im thinking.. it doesn't)

f-407 - qualifications - This is about getting a physicians order, so this doesnt suit either. You dont need a PO to do NR.

f-495 - competency - completion of appropriate and approved CNA programs. (without this they wouldnt even be working there, so this is HR, NR doesnt need to ensure this.)

f-498 - proficiency of Nurse Aides - the CNA's must demonstrate competency in skills and techniques necessary to care for residents needs as described in the POC.

Questions for you all...

1. What F-tags do you operate under, and which is the most influential to your program?

2. How do you judge the proficiency of your aides? We have a facility wide program, where we do not employ RNA's, so every CNA is part of the program. What kind of training do you use, and did you get a manual for it? (like Acello; NA guide to Advanced Restorative Skills)

3. How did your facility determine you were qualified? Here in NYS, CRRN is not required, and while it may be preferred in some arenas of care on NY, its not a mandate. I am not CRRN.

4. Proficiency of Nurses Aides. Do you all run competency for NA's (F-498) What they want to know is... does the NA show competency skills.... it is included in the language that....."Competency in skills & techniques...(of) basic restorative sercvices

Its just another layer of the already huge job we are all undertaking running this program. I'm interested int he answers!! Thanks for the long read!


Sometimes God turns on the SitcomNurse channel. Its like Comedy Central for Her.


Sometimes God turns on the SitcomNurse channel. Its like Comedy Central for Her.

Sorry, i don't have the answers you want; i just want to say i Love your tag, or whatever you call it.

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