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Hi all,

I'm part of a presentation this week on the nursing "shortage". I've done this presentation before but would like to include info on the angle that there is NO nursing shortage but instead a shortage of nurses willing to work in the current conditions.

Can anyone point me to research or surveys that uphold this concept/opinion??



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I've been doing some research on this and have come up with some sources:

Massachusetts Nursing Association

The U.S. Dept. of Labor and Statistics

Disgruntled former Nurses

Cumberland University

University of Tennessee College of Nursing

University of Massachusetts College of Nursing

Yahoo. Nursingstudents.

American Association of Nurses

StarMed (It actually has a commentary website)

HCA (It also has one)

Nursiong Theories. com

And lots of sites about why Nurses leave Nursing.

Want to know the chief reason men leave Nursing? For better jobs once they get the money to start new careers.

Want to know why females leave Nursing? Its usually because Nursing is insensitive to the fact they want familes, get a family life and cannot stand the lack of collegiality. Some are leaving to start their own temp nursing businesses which make more money.

Most, though, leave Nursing because they burn out, but reenter at a later time.

This why I have written a paper on Ethical Nursing Collegiality.

It is the fact that Nurses eat their young that ruins many a budding career. (I left the wards for three years because of it and two of my colleagues turned to drugs and got popped for "diversion".)

Drugs is another reason. All you have to get on is the site from Washington State to see that and read "the Massachusetts Nurse" (Its do bad that Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN has a program to try and save Nurses from their sicknesses).

Like Rodney Dangerfield said: "I tell ya, its tough out there."

"One night I called my wife and a guy answered. I asked who he was and he hollered, 'Honey, its for you' ". "No respect. I just don't get no repsect." Its that way for Nurses.

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