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Anyone out there have info on the school in Arecibo, PR? It is a 24 month program that begins in August. I'd love to hear anything, thanks. zzzzzgirl... Read More

  1. by   Oakley44
    Quote from pearlgirl52508
    Where can I have information on their accreditation? Are they on the websites?? What is the difference betwen Interamericana and UMET?? Which has better feedback?
    There's the same. Metro is a campus of Interamerican University of PR.

    Read some of the posts about 20 pages back to get a better idea. Good luck.
  2. by   artofisis
    Interamericana and UMET are not the same.
  3. by   Oakley44
    Quote from artofisis
    interamericana and umet are not the same.
    i assumed pearlgirl was referring to:

    inter american university of puerto rico - metropolitan campus baccalaureate carmen torres de tiburcio school of nursing

    po box 191293
    san juan, pr 00919-1293

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    Isis did u ever get ur acceptance letter?....
  5. by   MakennaN
    I've been keeping up with this thread for awhile, since I started researching schools in PR, and I'm wondering how it's going for all of you who started the program in August. I've been in contact with "E", though I have not applied yet, and he assures me that I would be able to start in Nov. 2010 or Feb. 2011.
  6. by   Jeb-in-Minneapolis
    As far as I'm aware the Interamerica Metro Accelerated Program (2 years) only starts in August of each year, the regular (3 years) seems to be a lot more flexible as far as start times.

    Just be aware there is a wide range in the quality of professors and expect to do some self-studying on your own to pass the NCLEX.

    Also, anyone who is seriously considering either Metropolitan University or Interamerica should visit the island first, they may use the dollar here but this is NOT the US.
  7. by   MakennaN
    I am already in PR and will be for the next three years, so I know I'm definitely not in Kansas anymore. I'm finding it difficult to get info from either of the two universities, but I'm slowly getting bits and pieces. I wish I spoke Spanish, as it would make everything MUCH easier. So far my husband and I have gotten lost every time we leave our house! The people have been nice and helpful for the most part but I definitely feel like an outsider. I'm just hoping to hear from people already in the program at either university to help me decide whether or not to even do it.
  8. by   Jeb-in-Minneapolis
    There are several of us in the Interamericana University nursing program on the forum so feel free to ask specific questions...

    Can't speak about Metropolitan University, though...
  9. by   pearlgirl52508
    Jeb, can you give me some insight on the school? Do you think you are getting a quality education? How are the teachers?? Is there a huge language barrier? Can I assume you are going to the Inter. metro english school??? I am really nervous about going because, well, its a different country. I dont want to get there and then find out that the school is bogus! Are the labs equipt with up to date like, scopes or whatever is needed in nursing schools??? I do plan on visiting PR soon but if you guys say that its not worth it kuz its out of date or its a bad school or whatever, then I will cancel. Please let me know if you can.

    Also, this goes out to everyone else who's attending Interamerican Metro...do you guys like the school??? Is the school what they promised?
  10. by   pearlgirl52508
    I have another question....I am going to at least start with the application process...but, i'm already confused! I already have a Bachelor's degree in Sociology. and want to go for the BSN accelerated program at metro inter campus....this is where i'm stuck http://admisiones.inter.edu/ which one do I choose? Do I choose undergraduate USA student? or Undergraduate transfer?!?! or??? I am confused! Please help me because my espanol is not good Also, i am on their page and am I applying for Admission or readmission...this page confuses me...Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico. Maybe its not a good idea afterall! How did you guys all figure it out without getting frustrated without knowing spanish??? I didnt know applying would be difficult. I hope its not this difficult at the school for classes.
  11. by   Cahoon BSN RN
    I'm not Jeb (obviously) but I am also a student at La Inter Metro. I'll see if I can pass on some information. So your first question was about a quality education. This is not a quality education. Some of the teachers are good, and some are very bad. If a student would only do their assigned work and not study outside of that scope for the NCLEX they would almost certainly not pass. As for the language barrier, it can be present at times but one of the most difficult things I have found is teachers with very thick accents and students in the program who barely speak english so they ask questions in spanish and the professors answer them in spanish. Its not really a great situation for the "all english" program. That said, we are working on the teachers to get them to require people to ask questions in english. It's an uphill battle because most of them are more comfortable with spanish as well. Also there are many other students who are bilingual and will help the teachers if there is something they are having trouble expressing in english. Yes, help the teachers.

    Labs...well, so far the only labs I have seen are the practical labs which are to basically prepare you for your rotation in the hospital. The labs are very sparse and outdated (except for the flatscreen tv's). On the other hand though, they do get the students in the accelerated program into the hospital extremely fast. In my opinion this is one of the huge redeeming factors for the school. I am in aprox. my 5th week at the school and I will be starting in the hospital in 4 days. My practical teacher has a VERY thick accent, but she is extremely knowledgable and has gone above and beyond to make sure that we get a great education where our time in the hospital is concerned. As for things like microbiology or chemistry labs...they pretty much don't exist as far as the nursing program is concerned.

    As for the application process, I used a friend who spoke Spanish, and a lot of google translate. The link you want is #5 Transfer student. You will not need to use any spanish when in class and the offices always have someone there who speaks english, even if they do it reluctantly.

    If you are a motivated student and don't just coast through your classes, (which is not hard to do here), you will get what you came for. . .a piece of paper that says you can sit for the NCLEX. If you are the type of student who needs a school to hold your hand a guide your studying completely, Interamerican is probably not a good school for you. Even though prerequisits are not required, you will be much better prepared for NCLEX and nursing in general if you take some of the required courses from other schools. Read your textbooks and study NCLEX prep because at Interamerican you get what you pay for...if you're lucky.

    For some students it is a great opportunity to get into Nursing School quickly and get their license with a BS and for others it could be a nightmare. You just have to decide what kind of school you are really looking for. I hope that I didn't discourage you, but I am just trying to give a realistic picture of what you would be getting with an education here. I am in the program and will stay through to the end.
  12. by   Jeb-in-Minneapolis
    Cahoon is totally spot on in his/her response! It is all about the piece of paper that lets you sit for the NCLEX. Back home, they have ridiculous waiting lists and a year or 2 worth of prereqs, or if they don't they charge 30k in tuition a year. Here, it is EXTREMELY basic, but tuition is dirt cheap, there is no waiting list and they basically take anyone with a 2.25 gpa or above...and at the end you are guaranteed a high gpa and maybe you'll be able to speak spanish, both of which will help when you apply for jobs.

    Oh, yes, I'm in the Interamericana Metro English Trimester program.

    Cahoon- Are you in any of J's classes? I have her for 3 of my 4 classes and D, the terrible pharmacology professor in my 4th...
  13. by   Jeb-in-Minneapolis
    Oh, and if you have a bacherlors degree they automatically put you in the 2 year accelerated program, if not you go in the 3 year program (1 years worth of prereqs)