Nursing Program for BSN?


I would like to know how they calculate your pre-nursing GPA? If you repeated classes, do colleges include that into your GPA for the prerequisite classes? My accumulative GPA for college right now is a 3.13 because I repeated a few classes. I took General Psychology 3 times and got an F the first two times because I was pregnant and could not keep up with the class, I got a 4.0 the third time around. And Developmental Psychology 2 times, 0.0 for the first time while pregnant and a 4.0 the second time. The past two quarters I've gotten a 3.8 grade average and I'm currently getting all above 3.5's in all the sciences. Right now I'm taking Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 and then I'm going to take A&P 2 and Micro in the next 2 quarters and I know I can get above a 3.5. What are my chances? Oh I also have a CNA certificate! Are private schools easier to get into than the state ones because there more expensive?:idea:I want to go to Seattle Pacific University, Pacific Lutheran University or Seattle University!

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