Nursing Program At Ryerson University?

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hey everyone! im a senior in high school right now, and ive become eally interested in nursing as a career as of late. i was thinking of applying to the collab program at ryerson, but attending all four years there. what kinds of marks will i need to get accepted? which courses? i dont want to be put on a waiting list. which marks do they take into consideration - midterms or finals? sorry for all the questions, my school isnt really helpful when it comes to stuff like this :( i have more questions, but ill go one step at a time lol


You're making a great choice considering Ryerson University. I'm a current 3rd year student there and I absolutely love it. The staff are great and the program is very well designed to provide students with great education for the career. When I applied 3 years ago, I was admitted on an early acceptance with an 86%. If your average is not as high, you can always apply to the Centennial/George Brown sites in the collaborative program. The admission grade requirement is a tiny bit lower, but will allow you to get into the program, do the exact courses as everyone in the ryerson program and come out with a BScN. You spend 2 years doing the courses at centennial or george brown and come to ryerson for your 3rd year. I started my studies at ryerson, i found this helped eliminate the awkward transition period that some of the transferring students from the college are experiencing now. But it's a different experience for everyone. You can find the admission requirements and such on . Generally it's ENG4U, MCV4U/MCM4U/MHF4U (one of the 3), SBI4U, SCH4U and 2 other university courses. Check the admission requirements and grade averages on the site. Also, you can call into the school if you can't find any answers and theyll be happy to direct you to the admissions department. In terms of which grades are considered. Your grade 11 marks can be considered for an "early offer" these offers usually come in feb-april. if you are granted this, you can accept and maintain the conditions (grades) of your offer. If your grade 11 marks do not allow you to get an early offer, your grade 12 semester 1 marks will be considered for your offer in may-june. hope this helps

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