Nursing program admission question


Is there an interview that you have before you get accepted into the nursing program? If so... What are some of the questions that they ask you?

Hi again Ladii_T,

I just applied to St.Joseph's College of Nursing in Syracuse, NY. I just received my letter asking for an interview to better evaluate my candicacy in the final steps of the admissions process. I knew before I applied that I had to be interviewed before an acceptance can be granted, it was on their website. Some programs are different, and usually you can find that information out on the schools's website, in their catalog where they describe the nursing program and criteria. Maybe you can also call the nursing department in the schools in which you wish to apply.


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In my state interviews are something that are more likely to come up with private and/or hospital based programs. OTOH community college nursing programs don't interview and most state u programs don't interview either. So the answer to your question depends on the school(s) you're looking at. There are some school specific threads on this board and if you go to the all nurses board for your state or states where you'd want to attend nursing school you will probably find more definite information about what to expect from people who have applied and been accepted to schools you're interested in applying to.

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