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Nursing process and CRNA,and stress level?

One thing that I love about nursing is assessing and identifying problems and finding solutions. I like challenges in that if a patient presents with multiple problems, I enjoy finding the solutions to the problems and in turn,helping others. As a CRNA, are you able to do the latter? I believe you would but maybe in a different manner. As CRNA, does administering anesthesia start out like a basic recipe for that patient and you adjust to how they react to it? I hope these questions do not sound stupid. I just trying to get a basic idea of what is involved in administering anesthesia and how the nursing process fits into the job.

Is the job stressful all of the time? I do not mind stress and even thrive on it at times but I do not want to be stressed the entire time I am working and everyday that I work. What % of your job do you feel you are stressed? I am sure that it is a very stressful job but to what degree?

Not stupid questions at all. I suggest shadowing a CRNA at your hospital or a local hospital to see what their day is like.


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