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Nursing in a poor economy.


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I find it hard to upkeep my idea of acceptable care in the new economy. Running short of nurses more common, being pulled from here to there happening more than I am used to, supplies more scarce than before, assignments changing mid shift to adjust to staffing happening a lot now.

The economy definitely brings us all new challenges. How do you keep your idea of great pt. care alive?


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The economy has def brought more challenges to our careers but we have to keep in mind that people actually do depend on us. I have found that the only way to make it through a complete shift, 12hrs. 7p-7a, without losing focus on why I am there, is that if people did not depend on me to take care of them, they wouldn't be in the hospital to begin with. I try to also look at the positive; It's not forever! I guess one good thing is-job security, unfortunately.

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