Heparin gtt for Oncology pts in ICU

  1. I recently began a new job in the ICU at an oncology hospital (this is my background), and received a direct admit following a very complex/complicated surgery. This pt came to me with a Heparin gtt at the rate of 1050untits/hr. When I asked my charge nurse where I could find the protocol for Heparin gtts, she stated that they do not have one and that they call the MD regarding all aspects of this gtt. I was shocked to hear this information and felt this was added, unnecessary steps in a critical care environment. Can anyone shed some light on this topic because after speaking my concerns with my manager, I was given the go ahead to present information to both her and our Practice Council to try and initiate a protocol. I have been researching this for some time now and am having a difficult time finding EBP to support this information for this patient population. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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