Antipsychotics in Alzheimer disease

  1. antipsychotics in alzheimer disease

    although commonly prescribed for alzheimer's patients with delusions, aggression, or hallucinations, antipsychotics may not be as helpful as once hoped. that's according to the first phase of a $17 million, 5-year trial funded by the national institutes of health. the 42-site trial included 421 people with alzheimer-related dementia and additional symptoms severe enough to disrupt functioning. - news capsules - antipsychotics in alzheimer disease
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  3. by   Patti 2nd gen RN
    And their suggestion for keeping people safe instead is what???
  4. by   banursen04
    the use of these medications in our facility in patients with alz. has caused many falls we need somthing else to use if safety is the concern
  5. by   IMustBeCrazy
    it is known in the neuropsych world that patients with specific diagnoses of
    lewy body dementia
    are actually worse when taking antipsychotic medications, **because while it helps with the hallucinations/psychosis part of the disease, it drastically impairs motor functioning, which in these patients is often parkinsonian-like to begin with.** the challenge is prompting the md's to test for lewy body dementia in a typical "dementia" patient.

    in addition, the words "alzheimer's" and "dementia" are becoming increasingly interchangeable even though "alzheimer's" is a specific diagnosis that is supported by batteries of neuropsych tests, and often including ct and mri imaging over time.

    eta: in my personal experience, i have witnessed much larger antipsychotic doses prescribed in an attempt to control symptoms in this population with marginal to no effect. sadly, often family's wishes are given more credence in this population than what would be the best for the patient.
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