TAKING CPNE- have 2 questions

  1. Hi. I just changed my title as I think my other one was not clear. These questions are quite minor.

    On the
    PCS Recording Form
    Is the
    Intermittent Venous Access Device Maintenance Box:
    1. ONLY FOR Heplock/Saline Lock/Peripheral Flushes? (is that def. of IVAD?)

    2. Would we fill in "condition of the IV site" (temp. or edema) if we weren't assigned a flush?

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  3. by   Mudwoman
    Intermitent venous access device is "saline lock"/"hep lock" which ever you prefer. You do not assess this unless you are assigned to flush the site.

    Don't do anything you are not assigned to do.
  4. by   nurse1717
    got it mudwoman-thanks.