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  1. I'm new here on this board. I wanted to help give you guys some direction for figuring out where to go to get help in passing exams, finding DL classes to fit your program, etc.

    I'm an ADN nurse who started looking for a way to get a bachelor's degree by DL back the end of November 2003. I found a site called, this led me to a site called "BA in 4 weeks" written by the guy who got two degrees from testing out only. These two sites have a wealth of information in them about Excelsior and two other colleges that allow degrees soley by testing out, no classes required. They are not set up for nursing degrees but where these sites will help you is in finding information on the content of tests, what to buy to study for tests (cheaply, not Chancellor's etc. ), and some are very good a finding DL classes (if you must take a class) that will fit the bill to get your credits in core requirement classes. There is also a new site at that has info that could help you. Use the internet and these sites to help you get this job done. If they only help you with one test, that's one test further along than you would be without them.

    Since January 15, I've passed a total of 9 credits toward finishing a Bachelors of Science in Individualized Studies - concentration Nursing/Psychology/Management. I'm 5 tests away from the degree completion and then I'll be looking for a masters in nursing or healthcare administration. The bachelors will cost me about 2500.00, including tests, study guides, etc. and I should be done by August or September, 2004. Pretty reasonably priced degree. Don't get trapped by these high priced companies that sell programs. Some of what you need can be gotten by spending very little. I have about 119.00 in two tests and another 30.00 in study materials that gave me 9 credits towards finishing some core requirements.

    Best wishes to you all. Try these sites. They are free free free.
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