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  1. Hi Guys

    Im a new student going in the fall. My question is whether or not anyone knows if im better off going to a university for my Nursing degree or ive been accepted to a college who offers the degree through their college and collaboratively with a distance education school (Athabasca). I really want to get the best Nursing education I can but like the college as a school - location, and better yet - ive already been accepted.

    What do you guys think?!?

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  3. by   Spazzy Nurse
    I think that the number one biggest factor is what type of past nursing experience you have.
  4. by   Mandy:)
    I dont have any nusing experience this is where i would get my bachelor of nursing. Its distance ed through athabasca and theory courses are at mount royal college. Im sure its OK b/c im still obtaining a degree out of things but i dont know about the fact that some are distance ed classes.

  5. by   Dixiedi
    How determined are you? With previous nursing background distance learning is great but you have to be determined because there won't be any scheduled classes to keep you on track. You have to keep yourself on track. No room for slackers!
  6. by   Spazzy Nurse

    With no nursing background, it's iffy as to whether or not Excelsior would accept you. Since there is no clinical training through their program, they expect you already have a background with nursing-type experience. Distance Ed would be a great way to go to get a few gen. eds out of the way, like some English courses, sociology, etc. But as far as the nursing courses go, I'd go the traditional way if I were you. Not only may it be the only way that you CAN go, but it really is the best if you have no nursing experience.

    Good luck to you!