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Hi all, I have a dilemma. I attended an accelerated nursing program at U. Of IL. at Chicago and was able to sit for NCLEX but was not given a diploma or an accociates. I'm a registered nurse and... Read More

  1. by   icur2y4me
    CAN I get into BSN program online with an Associate Degree (not in nursing). I did how ever, got in an associate nursing program and failed second level twice !! I also got most of my pre-reqs done for bachelor program for uic's BSN nursing. I invested so much time so much time already. I feel I should finish it. Any body have any idea, please help.
  2. by   icur2y4me
    Just curious, are you taking an online BSN? You see, i've been in an nursing program (associate) but I failed second level twice!!!. I like to know if I can fine an online BSN program. I also have many pre-req's for bachelor program done already. Please help.