Online ADN program at Deaconess?

  1. Hi, I was browsing these forums which led me to go to Deaconess' website.
    Am I understanding correctly from what I am seeing on their website that they have an online ADN program? What I am reading is you finish the PN program in the first year and then go on to the ADN RN? As it is the holiday they won't be open until next week so I can't call and ask. Is this definitely a distance online program?
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  3. by   cajjj
    I didn't mean to post my question twice, I had a problem posting my question. What I mean is if you are not currently a nurse is there a program at Chamberlain (Chamberlain was previously Deaconess?) that is online that is a PN-ADN program? That is what I think I am reading on the website, but not entirely sure. I plan on giving them a call but because of the weekend and New Years have to wait, so I was asking here to see if anyone knew if they did.
  4. by   Sillynicunurse
    Yes they do have an online program for their ASN. I have heard that the PN portion has been phased out and only existing students are eligable to sit for the PN boards at the end of the first year, but I do not know that to be a fact.