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  1. Hello all,

    Has anyone used any resources from Minnay Educational Services to study for ECE tests? The website shows some interesting materials, but I don't want to waste my money or time on something that won't work. Minnay Educational Services LLC is the website for reference.

    I have done many searches before posting, so please no "Use the Search" responses. If you know of an existing thread, please post it so I can check it out.

    Thank you for any viewpoint on this good or bad, I haven't made up my mind either way.
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  3. by   cpgmich
    Hi Bber20,

    I'm a recent RN grad of EC and have experienced and heard of many comments concerning these educational services. You have a few options to choose from...
    1. Give one of these companies thousands of dollars and have them send you brand new bound booklets,

    2. purchase the SAME thing online at eBay that someone else spent the thousands of dollars on,

    3. or join some of the Yahoo groups and study with others taking the very same exams you'll be taking. Many of these groups have files that encompass almost the same materials as those expensive booklets! I know because I've seen them or was one of those that posted them there!

    If you are truly serious in going thru the Excelsior program for your RN, you DO NOT need one of those educational services. Call EC and see what they think about them. The Nursing Advisors at EC will always steer you in the right direction.

    Email me if you want info on some of the Yahoo groups, or do a search on Yahoo groups home page for Excelsior College.

    I hope this helped you!

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  4. by   LEN-RN
    I am enrolled at EC. I have taken NC1-4. Getting ready for NC5.

    I do agree that other companies are making thousands of dollars off students for educational material, but, I think if someone learns interactively, they may want to check Minnay out. Its not too expensive.

    I find that testing and having instant scoring helps me learn and retain information, and rationales help as well.

    Minnay does have a free practice exam for NC 4, its under demo, not sure how to get to it, maybe under search. Check it out, its free.

    I plan on buying Minnays Interactive for NC5 soon.