Lpn to bsn

  1. I Was looking for an online Lpn to Bsn program. I know indiana state has one but it says you have to be 21 to enroll I was wondering if there were any other universities that offered the program.
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  3. by   tothepointeLVN
    LVN/LPN - BSN programs in and of themselves are hard to find usually there are LPN-ADN or RN-BSN and online LPN-RN are even more so the three distance ( not necessarily online ) programs that I know of are Indiana State, Excelsior and Western Governors but they aren't all strictly online only.
  4. by   CDub72
    Im not sure if the program is fully online, however Barry University in Miami Shores Florida has a program. Check them out and see if you can locate any information on their website... barry.edu . Good luck