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Has anyone else applied to start in June 2012?! Or is already attending. Looking to get to know other classmates.... Read More

  1. by   CRAZY33
    I start Sept 2012 class and they accepted my public communication class in place of public speaking.Good Luck!
  2. by   arlel58
    Congrats crazy 33 at least they accepted your speech class. best of luck to school.
  3. by   arlel58
    Hello JefAnn 76,
    Yes as soon as you are in the class rnsg 2535 tha's the class before clinicals, they will send u the brochure about the uniforms. I have ordered by name tags and 2 patches for my tops and my jacket. Our uniform is ceil blue and bottom navy blue. It looks nice. Also on mosule 6 or onthe 6th week of this class we need to send lamar a picture wearing our uniforms. Kinda excited u know. Good luck and keep in touch.
    Arlel 58
  4. by   arlel58
    Hello oakleyelyse22
    I am sure thye will accept public communication for your speech credit. You cannot do pre reqs and at thesame time nursing subjects. U need to finished pre reqs first. The nursing classess compose by modules. The last for 8 weeks class and five week class. I hope this ansers your questions. Keep in touch
    arlel 58
  5. by   arlel58
    Hello Pattypickes,
    That fb group is not there anymore. I wonder why? How's clinicals goin on with you. Please give me some input on how many care plans do we need and how many hours of community service so we need to have. I am currently in rnsg 2535. How was this class for you. Any suggestions? How was those DB assignments. Our teacher is Mr. Douglas. How is he as a professor. I heard many things about him. Keep in touch. Good luck to clinicals. I am sure you're close to graduation. I can't wait too. Mine will be March 2013. Good luck

    arlel 58
  6. by   arlel58
    Hello arsena 1379,
    I am sure by this time you're not freaked out anymore cuz you already have started your computer class. How is it so far for u. I am almost close to finish. March 24, 2013. is my last day of school. Right now I am on rnsg 2535 for 7 weeks more then clinical. Yeeh,,hah,, Best of luck to you. Keep in touch,
  7. by   CBJ123
    attention all you newbies! if any of yall are interested i have books for sale. i have the computer class books and patho 4th edition, which they are using both the 4th and 5th editions. i will make you a great deal on the books. if interested message me.
  8. by   katana600
    Ok, Lamar students. I am currently getting ready to start my 2nd set of clinical. Yes I passed the first one. So I have already started studying for boards. The NCLEX questions that you will have to do eventually during the program is somewhat helpful. However I highly highly recommend that you purchase the KAPLAN NCLEX-RN study and review book. Do this while you are currently taking your regular classes and you will have a better insight on how to answer the test questions. If I had read this first, I would not have struggled like I did in the beginning. You must read it, don't just skim, I mean really read it. I got the book on Amazon for a reasonable price. I just decided to go ahead and start preparing myself, only if I had known sooner. Give it a try. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  9. by   arlel58
    Hello katana600.
    congrats for making it to the first round of clinicals. I we just started rnsg2535 7 more weeks then clinicals too. The Saunders latest 4th edition the yellow cover before the blue helps a lot of my coworkers who just took boards. Get that also as one your resource studies. As soon as i finished rnsg 2535 once I start my clnicals I will be also incorporating the HESI into my studies since we don't have to study much on clinicals right no exams just care plans and clinical studies. I was reading a lot of comments on HESI exit they use the HESI 3rd edition by evolve/elsevierand saunders same maker. So this is just a suggestion from a colleague of yours. I want u to succeed as well. How was 2535 for u? Any words of wisdom and advice you can give me to be successful in this class. I appreciate it very much. So can send me an email to AManio1958@gmail. com. Thanks a bunch..
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  10. by   nitalpn
    Hello to all that will be starting Sept. 17. I will also be starting on the 17. I live in Houston and was looking to see if anybody else in Houston starting on the 17
  11. by   arlel58
    Goodluck to your class nitalpn..I also leave in Houston but almost to finish the program. March 24, 2013 last day of class. Can't wait.
  12. by   nitalpn
    Hello ariel58 Thnks very nervous !!! Hope I can look to you for advice.
  13. by   susan78
    It's almost Sept 17!!! Is anybody else NERVOUS? I can't wait to get started but I have no idea what to expect. I heard that there was a facebook page but wasn't able to find it. Does anyone have a link?