Jacksonville University MSN roll call - page 2

Anyone starting this fall? Aug 25th is the start date. I found the enrollment process to be pretty straight forward and not to difficult.... Read More

  1. by   Amy'sGrandbaby
    I truly understand about trying to get things in order beforehand but honestly, something will always come up. My first semester was a learning experience as the weeks fly by there is no time to procrastinate. The assignments can be tiring but doing a little at a time each day helps. I had to relearn APA 6th ed very quickly. Tip..use the manual.

    Which track are you doing?

  2. by   Tootie88
    I am doing the Clinical Nurse Educator track. I recently moved to Fl from Baltimore for a nursing position in St Petersburg. Also teaching clinicals at an area college.
  3. by   nursgirl
    Anyone doing the RN to MSN ed?