Jacksonville state university rn to bsn step program

  1. I'm applying to jsu for the summer 2012 term, can anyone tell me anything about this program how it is!
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  3. by   gammagirl1995
    we are very excited to hear that you are interested in our step program here at jsu. we are accredited by ccne. we admit students every semester and the step program can be completed in 3 semesters. we teach every class every semester and it is completely online. also, there is no requirement for you to do clinicals. the only requirement is that you have an active unencumbered rn license in the united states and you must have graduated from an accredited diploma or adn program in the united states. this program you can work full time and take 3 classes per semester. also, there is no requirement for you to have to come to campus.

    thanks! tammy
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  4. by   Nursebyfaith~Rn
    How many student are admitted to he step program each semester?
  5. by   nurseljcst
    @gammagirl1995, I would practically like to know how much is the tuition (and if I'm out of state do I have to pay the out-of-state fee), will my general electives from my AA degree be transferable (I already assume my credits from my Nursing degree will), and are there any specific prerequisite classes that are needed (such as foreign language, human nutrition)..thanks for your response.