Is American Nurse Training Better? Maybe Yes I think

  1. Dear America,
    Thats all nursing staff reading this thread. Through reading through especially the conversation topics about your class goings ons and little snippets on what classes you take or have to pass Im afraid I feel very jelous in a lot of ways !
    In England, i.e Cambridge that is where I am, the nurse training is much to be desired inmmy view!.
    I feel from reading your subject threads that you have a lot more hands on training on the practical side, ie setting up drips, and correct use for Ivs ect, putting canulas in... wow is all I can say!
    We do not have any of this. This normally happens on the ward during your placement if the nurse has got time to show you, sad isnt it? also very dangerous I think!
    Anyway anyone that feels these lessons are a drag take heart in feeling very lucky as you are have very comprehensive and useful training experience, which will set you up for life!
    I feel like I want to continue my traing in America hearing about all of this stuff! but sadly not possible due to personal situation.
    I may sometime in the next 20 mths come over to do what we call an elected placemnt. This is meant to be one of our won choice so we can talk about what we have learnt from other nursing environments or esablishments.
    Our biology lessons sre much to be desired also as they are not made very interesting and I have great zest for this subject! If I was teaching it there would be no stopping me to what I would do to interest pupils in my lessons!
    On my first few weeks in training I had to actually advise out biology teacher that he was actually teaching the wrong timetable as it did not match up with what we would be tested on in our exams! hows that for nurse training! all turned out well after that. He was a very caring and dedicated teacher just not very informed I think.
    Without revising I achieved an A first time round as it is my speciality. I did not take biology at school as my father would not let me, he chose physics instead, which I was not keen on but again did not do to bad at despite this! cheek ah!
    To get into nurse training I was missing biology GCSE! so as I did not want to wait another year I asked if I could take the exam without the course! surprising they said yes. I was over the moon!. Any way I then though S***t! I now need to be able to grasp this subject within 3 mths!. I bought a cd rom from wh smith and study study study as much as i could. Thsi was hard as I was in full time work as well and many of time fell asleep at the computer!..ZZZZZZZZ
    Anyway luckily I scraped past! and was allowed to enter for nurse training., sodont dispair if you are in the same predicament, have a go and you may be very pleasantly surprised!

    If anyone wants to tell me about the outline of your classes you take I would be very happy to know so I can compare Our training a bit more.
    Thanks for your time!

    lavendergirl (my name comes from my love of flowers and there therapeutic qualities, in destressing! such as dried lavender).
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  3. by   TNcanNURSE
    The students that utilize this forum are mostly going to be in a "distance learning" program, meaning they do not go to "traditional" nursing schools. As a "distance education" student, I can tell you that there really is no sort of class organization. Basically you are given a general idea of what you will need to have learned to prepare for the exam, then when you think you are ready you take the exam. If you pass the one exam you get the credit hours, if you fail you wasted your money and get squat.

    It sounds like you want to compare and contrast your nursing school with nursing schools in the US. To get a better audience for that you should post this message in the student nursing forum since distance learning/ idependent study students don't attend any classes.