I think it is possible to save $ with DCN's tuition.

  1. From what I've been reading and hearing alot from DCN and it's students, are that DCN is pretty agreeable to letting us do courses elsewhere as long as the content is similar. I'm already looking into doing Micro,chem, A&P 1-2, nutrition and a couple gen eds at another college ( locally for $75 a credit). I think the bulk of what I take at DCN will be the clincal courses. That should save alot of money! Plus, I've filled out 28 scholarship apps, and my hospital may sponsonor some of my tuition if I commit to a work agreement with them. Hope it works out!

    Dh said I can get a laptop! Who hoo! Now I just have to find one for a reasonable cost. Anyone know of a good source for reasonable laptops? Anyone currently using one for DCN?
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  3. by   Mrs.Yost
    I use a laptop for DCN, as well as a desktop but I've had mine for awhile so I can't really recommend a good place to get one. Might want to try dell.com, they sometimes have some deals going on.

    You will save some money with doing your other courses at local schools, just make sure you have your advisor approve the course description before you take the course. I had several courses that I had previously taken (Microbiology, etc.) that I had to retake because DCN would not accept them. Just make sure you get it in writing (or on email or something like that)

    Good luck finding your new laptop!