How do I enroll for NC1??!!

  1. Good morning! I see that you all have posted that you can take NC1 through excelsior without "officially" starting the program. I would like to do this before I shell out tons of money to get a feel of what distance ed. would be like. Excelsior's web page has SO MUCH info, that I don't really know how to just register for NC1. Sorry if I am being dumb! I have tried to call them to have the info just sent to me the "old fashioned way" but I can never get anyone. I left a message 3 weeks ago with excelsior requesting a catalog and have yet to get anything. Thanks in advance! Julie
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  3. by   barbiedee
    Hi Julie, I paid Excelsior the $60 Application for admission fee (this is your application to get into their nursing school), then I paid for the NC 1 exam ($155). I did this on line at their website, paying with a credit card, but since I had applied for admission back in the fall, I don't know if you can do the two at the same time, but you can try. Excelsior will send you a confirmation letter that you have registered to take NC1 (or 2, etc) Good luck...hope this helps.
  4. by   barbiedee
    I think I mentioned before that you can print off the course outlines from the Excelsiorr website, so you don't have to wait for them in the mail. This way you can get started on the NC1 right away.
  5. by   julie1014
    Thanks for the info, Barbiedee! It is greatly appreciated. Julie