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    On the 18 Jun 04 I will sit my final exam for my external nursing degree (Charles Darwin Uni Australia. I have finished all of my assignments so it is now time to study. I am finding my nerves are getting in the road of my study at this point. I used to look forward to the exams as it was a good change from doing assignments, but this has now changed. I sat 2 exams (last year) which I studied my butt off for but did no good on. My nerves destroyed my confidence and I am terrified this will happen again. With those exams, there were 2 assignments in each unit plus an exam which boosted my marks so I could pass the 2 subjects (a&p & medsurg2) though this left me feeling deflated as I put alot of time into the study and it did not pay off. I struggled with a&p 1 & 2 as there was so much to remember and again with med surg. This subject I am doing now only had one assignment weighing 50% and the exam weighs 50%. The problem is I only got a pass + (have no idea what %) that is which now means I need to do extemely well in this health assessment exam. If anyone knows of any online practice exams or good memory tactics please send them my way. If I pass this exam I can go onto my final prac of 14 weeks then will become registered! I would also like to say thankyou to those who have helped me thru this last semester, I am so lucky to have had your valuable input and to have found this site. Thankyou and wish me luck!

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  3. by   barbiedee
    Good luck Tracy! I know my pre-exam jitters can be pretty intense. (Like not sleeping for 2 nights!) I am doing my LPN to RN upgrade through distance edcuation, so I only have ONE either pass or fail it. That's pressure! No chance to do better on a second exam. The best advice I can give you is what I do myself. 1) Study the morning of the exam, or night before, but give yourself some breathing room before the exam. An hour or two when you can clear your mind of clutter, and focus on the task at hand. 2) When its time to start the exam, take a minute to do some deep breathing, (yes, it does work), shake off the tension (literally...wiggle those hands), give yourself a confidence boosting thought ( I know this stuff....lets DO IT!). Most of all....if you aren't sure of one of the answers to a question on the exam...Don't Worry!!! Thats the biggie. I was freaking myself out on question number two of the exams....If you start thinking negative thoughts (I don't know this one....I'm going to fail) you're heading down the wrong path. I talk to myself throughout an exam...."Ok, you can do this....Ok, I'm not sure of this one, but I'll come back to it....etc." Oh, and a word or two to the man upstairs, or whomever you have faith in, never hurts! (I even wear a lucky horseshoe charm on a necklace. Only worn for exams.)
    I wish you luck, knowledge, recall, confidence and wisdom! You can do it! Let us know how you do.