Excelsior students in Tampa Bay Area, Florida

  1. I am studying for NC 3 and would like to find other EC students in the Tampa/Orlando area to form a study group to practice clinical skills for CPNE. You may send me a private message.
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  3. by   Melody48_MSNEd
    I live in Valrico. I work in Plant City.
    I am waiting on my Clinical Date. I also
    have College Writing to take (Scheduled 1/26 for that).
    Otherwise I am done!
  4. by   mondragon
    Hi, Melody, congradulations, you are almost there. If I get a clinical skills group together are you interested ? Do you have any tips for NC 3 thru 6 ? Also I am waiting to do college writing after nc 6 because i do not like english , what are you doing to prepare for the exam ? are you going to take the Excelsior clinicals lab class before CPNE ?
  5. by   nurseybertie
    Hi mondragon

    I am new here on the boards. I live in largo Florida and I am an LPN. I am interseted in going thru excelsior. I have some cleps to take and was wondering if you went this route also. If you have a list of required courses
    for the ASN I would be ever so grateful if you could share that with me. I was told to hold off on registering with excelsior as you can save some money that way. Do you agree? Anyway, happy new year to all!
  6. by   mondragon
    hi, nurseybertie, yes you can wait to register with Excelsior if you are only going thru the Nursing program with them and pursuing your pre-req elsewhere, whether it is Clep or actually taking the pre-req 's elsewhere. Once you enroll with Excelsior you have a yearly student fee, which is what you will be saving. I took the pre-req's that I needed ( some transferred ) thru Excelsior. For ASN you will need 30 semester hours in General Ed. to include Written English ( can not clep on this ), Humanities 6 credits, Social sciences /History 6 , Natural science/Math 8 , Arts & Sciences Electives 7.
  7. by   mondragon
    nurseybertie, before you clep on any pre-req's you should contact Excelsior to ensure which credits they will accept clep's for so you do not waste time or money , they will tell you credits you need and which credits they accept by clep without enrolling, you can also go to their website and have some access to this info.They have a great nursing program. I can give you hints & tips along the way. hope this helps. karen
  8. by   nurseybertie
    Hi Mondragon

    Thanks so much for your help! It's a complicated process and I am so glad I didn't get roped into that RUE thing like a friend of mine. I sent an email to EC hope to hear from them soon. Does excelsior have study guides?

    Thanks Again
  9. by   mondragon
    nurseybertie, you are welcome. EC usually responds in 1- 2 days after your post, you can go to EC website and get the study guide, you just need Adobe reader, if you do not have it you can download it from the EC site. As a LPN you do not need NC 1 & 2. Also allnurses has a list of helpful websites, they are really good and you can find info. under the student threads. let me know if I can help.
  10. by   nurseybertie
    Thanks I appreciate your help Mondragon. I'm sure we'll chat again on the site. thanks again!