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]Is this possible? I am an EMT-Basic with close to 100 College hours, obtained at my local university, which includes all the pre-reqs for ADN even BSN, all I need for both are the core classes. I... Read More

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    Thx for the advise guys....I will take it all into consideration, not sure yet what to do, or how to do it, but I will get my RN one way or another =]
  2. by   Mudwoman
    Quote from firepilot17
    I'm a medic in the excelsior program, and my advice is to get your LPN then RN, not medic then RN. If you get your LPN and get a job, they may help pay for the program. Also if you are an LPN, you can skip to NC3. Good luck! By the way, when I graduated paramedic school, I realize now how green I was. You don't know anything when you graduate medic school. I have 8 years as a medic now on a fire department and I work in an ER as a medic too, and I get reminded everyday how much I don't know. I'm on NC2 now, and although 90% of the information I've seen before, you have to know and understand it as well as apply it, which I never really had to do. Good luck...

    Here is the quote from the catalog for the school of nursing from Excelsior.....

    "Note: The examination in Nursing Concepts 2 can be waived by completion of an LPN/LVN program with a cumulative average of B or better. This waiver applies only to those students who have graduated from an LPN/LVN program accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission or registered by the New York State Education Department. Students must have completed the LPN/LVN program within five years of enrollment in Excelsior College in order to obtain a waiver."