Edukan Online A&P: Is it accepted at Santa Ana College in California?

  1. Hi,

    For those of you who have taken Edukan's online A&P course or CCC online or Rio Salado's, have you ever tried transferring your credits to Santa Ana College in California?

    I am not sure if they are okay with an online lab component. I do know that A&P has to be 4 units with lab component, but not sure if online lab is okay.

    Somebody in this forum has mentioned that those schools don't indicate online courses on their transcripts as online.

    However, I might get asked how I could have possibly taken classes out of state if I lived in California. That would only mean those classes were online.

    I guess I should just forget about taking online courses, huh? Any thoughts?

    The problem is Santa Ana College assigns me a late registration appointment according to number of units completed at their school. And every time my time comes up to register, it's already too late, all A&P sections are already full. I actually would have to keep taking blow-off classes just to rack up enough units to get an earlier priority registration appointment. I have a BS already, and so have all the Gen ed courses done. All I really need are A&P, and Micro.

    I just can't believe how hard it is to become a nurse. Geez! I mean, I'm just talking about prerequisites here, and already having a hard time.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!
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  3. by   student21
    Yep I think we all are me I am doing my classes online and when someone ask me about I will just lie and say i did the classes on campus how in the world will they know. In addition to that you can move or visit somewhere for a semester and take classes at least that’s the lie I hope will work for me when being asked about my classes. Also I have taken several online classes from different states but my husband was ex military also but even then I still took online classes anywhere.