Does anybody hear about Global Scholarship alliance?

  1. I saw an add about Global Scholarship alliance and it sounds "too good to be truth".
    They call me up and they promissed scholarship,work,housing,personal laptop??? for ...3 year program.
    I am a foreign nurse and don't have much information.
    Please,drop a line that might be helpfull...before I start thinking of it as
    "a good deal"
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  3. by   llg
    I work for a hospital in the United States that was approached by them to hire the nurses they helped from overseas. I met with the company representative on behalf of my hospital.

    My reaction was the same as yours .... It sounds a little too good to be true ... and that makes me skeptical. But it did sound like a very good program.

    My hospital is not interested in participating in such a program at the current time, so we have not actually worked with them and I can't tell you whether or not their program is as good as they promise it to be. I'd be interested in hearing from some people who have actually used their services before making any kind of committment.
  4. by   ltvixen
    i have talked to them at job fairs and i got the same impression, too good to be true, but i have yet to talk to/meet someone that has actually worked with/for them. i'm just graduating from NS but if after 1-2 years i haven't heard anything negative about them i think i will probably give them a try. let us know if you hear anything else