Capella RN to MSN practicum?

  1. Hoping that someone who is in Capella's RN to MSN program can tell me what kind of practicum courses are involved throughout the program. Is there anything where I'd need a preceptor? Thank you!
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  3. by   843all4God
    Did you ever find out any info on the practicum?
  4. by   Jkb19704
    I have graduated from the Capella RN-MSN program. The Capstone experience is created by you for your learning needs. It can be any identified gap in patient care that you want to solve, such as an increase infection rate since your hospital began to use gel hand sanitizer and what your going to do decrease the infection rate. It can be working at a university to learn how to assess academic learning among students. Mine was increasing team communication among hospice nurses using a communication assessment stratagey known as KEYS. You design what you want, choose a mentor that has an MSN or higher, agree to work 100 hours with that person on the project you proposed submit it for approval...., and once approved complete the project. I HTH ANSWER any questions

  5. by   843all4God
    So you don't have to sit one on one for a designated 100 hours? You just have to be able to communicate, review, the project etc?

    Overall, how would you rate your experience? Did you do flex path or traditional?

    Glad you completed the program! Congrats!