Anyone out there doing Sacred Heart University's RN to BSN/MSN? to BSN/MS

  1. Trying to decide on an online program. Ohio University has been my latest obsession, but I've been waiting for some time for an acknowlegment from them, and I've been reading some things that make me wonder if it's too good to be true. The cost of the program, that is. So wondering if anyone is attending SHU and what the program is like?
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  3. by   morecoffeepls
    Be done in December with SHU's RN-BSN online program. Feels interminable. I work nights full-time, have a couple kids, and take 2 classes per 8-week module. My life is dog crap, but it'll be worth it. It's my first time taking courses online, so I have nothing to compare it to. I'd have to say that it's more time-consuming than anything else. If you have or can make the time, you should do well. You have to take some of their Core Curriculum classes, which although enjoyable to a degree, seem like a waste of time and money. I would assume any online program will have instructors who are uninvested and do not deserve their salary, especially given the cost of tuition. If you care about grades or if absentee instructors bother you on principle, you may need to contact advisors or associate deans. There were a few excellent instructors as well. Maybe I wasn't paying attention when I started the program, but I am getting ready to begin a "field experience" that requires six four-hour days on a clinical site. We'll see how that goes. I can't really think of anything else to share; so, feel free to ask specific questions if you've actually read this and want to know more. The one thing I would suggest is taking the Health Assessment class by itself instead of concurrently with another course. It was particularly ... annoying. But maybe it was just my personal set of circumstances for those 8 weeks that made me want to put my head through a wall. I've enjoyed the online learning experience overall - mostly because it's convenient and I prefer to work independently. I'll need a nice little break, though, to recover before I enroll in "big boy" school.
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    Hi babynurse73, are you currently enrolled at SHU? I am trying to connect with students at SHU FNP program. I start the program this fall.

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    I enrolled in SHU RN to BSN program. I didn't look into any other program but SHU which was my first mistake. I had 19 classes to take in order to get my BSN. I took 10 courses before getting fed up and dropping out. Other online RN to BSN courses have 10 to 12 classes to take to achieve BSN. I could have my BSN right now if I had checked around. Some courses at SHU were RIDICULOUS like 2 western civilization courses, 2 religion courses, Nursing Informatics and so on. I had to take a sociology course that was NOT sociology AT ALL. I had taken sociology in the past which transferred so I couldn't understand why I needed this class. I withdrew from that class a day before it opened and I still got charged. Some of the courses were really easy but then some were ridiculous with the workload! I had an English class that required 7 books which had to be read during the 8 weeks (Hamlet, Inferno by Dante... big novels like that!). I was reading one novel a week PLUS a term paper that was due at the end. Did not like that school at all. PLEASE look into other schools. You can find better BSN online programs for a lot cheaper than Sacred Heart where you won't have to take 19 classes to get your degree. Do not recommend at all.