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I have always wanted to become a Nurse in the Navy. I have been looking at the NCP or just try to direct commission after I graduate. I cannot seem to find much information on both areas, does anyone have any information? I just would like to start finding this info now, even though I am going to be starting college this fall.

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Do a search on this website for NCP, there is a ton of info here, and most importantly, find a healthcare recruiter, not an enlisted recruiter to talk to. They can give you the most accurate and up to date info. If you google Nurse Candidate Program you will also be lead to the Navy's website.


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I did Direct Accession. I graduated in 2010 and applied a year later. It took 13 mos for me to get in because they only review DA apps once a year in September (meaning it has to be done in August). It then took me 3-4 mos to get orders and I left for Officer Development School (ODS) less then 30 days later. Now I've been in for 2+ mos. I'm stationed at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center and am enjoying it for the most part.

If I had known I for sure wanted to be a navy nurse I would have gone NCP. It seems a much sweeter deal with stipend and payment and school counts as 'years in' so when you start getting a salary you get more $$$.

I didn't know this for sure so it wasn't for me. Honestly I didn't know anything about it until I got to training.

Let me know is you have any more questions. I'm happy to be a resource.


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By not "knowing anything" do you mean about military life or nursing in general?? I ask because I'm trying to gage exactly how well navy nurse training is. My recruiter said you learn everything on the job and not to worry even though i am in an accelerated bsn program where it is so difficult to remember everything!


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I meant about NCP program. But also I'm a civilian from a non-military family from Portland, OR where there is no military presence. My only sense of the military came from media and the ROTC at my university. Honestly, if you're a nurse, you want to be in the military, and you can get in, you'll do just fine.

Training-6 weeks at ODS, teaches you customs and traditions, following orders, naval history, boot polishing etc. We all compared it to summer camp with push ups.

People that I saw as not doing as well are those who didn't want to be there and those that were a little immature. Though remember that even if you break a bone-you'll graduate ODS. You're already commissioned and the Navy wants you. (Someone in my company tore her ACL).

The rest of the 'training' is like any other on-the-job training. Duty stations are required to have some sore of nursing orientation program for new nurses called the nurse grad program. The bigger the hospital the bigger the program, I think.

The main thing I would ask of people is pride. Have pride in getting in and being in the US military. It's a big deal. Only 1% of our nation makes this choice. We are the privileged and the elite. People that were in it for other reasons or couldn't make it at least appear that they 'care' were the frustrating ones at training. Though they still passed and are in. Don't get me wrong, you are going in and are going to get paid and get great benefits but that is not what got you to complete that 14 page application. Just keep things in perspective. I'm currently very satisfied with my choice and look forward to my career options.