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Has anyone here had any experiences with nursing in the military? Would you recommend it? I've been receiving information about the ROTC Nursing program, and I'm considering it as a possibility. What are your thoughts on this idea?

I don't know a whole lot about it because it isn't me, but I have a friend who is in the Navy. We went to nursing school together. She had some extra courses she had to take (Navy courses) which made her graduate a semester after me, but she loves it. She is now out in San Diego and is having a great time. She wants to eventually go overseas. She gets a housing allowance, and you know medical and dental is free as are a lot of other things. The only drawback is, if you are planning on marrying and having children I would discourage you. I'm not someone to tell you what to do, but as a military kid (my father was Navy) I didn't have a very good childhood. We moved 13 times in 9 years. I had 3 first grades. I would just make some friends and get ripped up and placed somewhere else. I was always the new kid, always last picked, last trusted, last friend. All I had were my brothers and sisters to play with. The scenery of the US was beautiful, I loved the travel, but I didn't have much stability in my life.

But to end it all, if I wasn't married and didn't have kids, I was getting into the Air Force. It really is a great way of life, you'd be an officer so you'd have a good ranking to start off. Your pay will gradually increase the longer you're there and you can retire after 20 years.



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