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I am a semi inactive RN (volunteer once a week at the local Free Clinic). In October 2011 I was invited to participate in a medical mission to Jamaica. The Great Shape Inc.!, an organization that provides dental & vision care to thousands of Jamaicans - sponsored the mission. Nurses were added to the team a couple of years ago. The organizes determined that nurse were a key component of the team because so many patients were presenting with multiple medical issues and the dental & vision teams were not prepared to address those types of complaints. I really treasured and valued my experience. As you know - nurses CAN fact it is a breeze for us! By day we worked at a makeshift clinic - sharing our basic nursing knowledge with the wonderful people of Jamaica...mostly providing screenings and lots of education. The nights were spent relaxing and enjoying the beautiful amenities provided by Sandals Resorts...our 'base camp'!

Sandal Foundation and the Jamaican Ministries of Health partnered with Great Shape Inc.! to provide basic dental, medical and vision care to many Jamaicans. During the two month period of operations in Fall 2011, approximately 15,000 people benefited from the services provided by the volunteers with Great Shape Inc.

You may want to consider joining the team in 2012. As a nurse volunteer your knowledge will improve the lives of people who otherwise have little or no access to medical care. The program is available during the months of October and November. Most volunteers participate for a one week period

For more information contact Great Shape Inc. at don't forget to bring your bathing suit and sandals!