Nursing Leadership Interview



I am currently a nursing student graduating in May and one of my assignments is to interview a nurse manager. If there is anyone that has the time to answer a few questions, I would I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You.

Type of Facility that you work at?_______________

Nursing Leader______________________ (ex: Charge Nurses, RN/LPN Unit Coordinators, Unit Managers, Vice President of Nursing, Chief Nursing Officer, Director of Nursing, Staff Development Director, Nursing Educator, Wound Nurse, Rehab Nurse Manager, etc.)

What is your Job Title _________________________

1.What was your entry level of schooling into the nursing profession? Do you believe you were prepared at that level for a leadership position? Why do you believe JCAHO requires a certain level of education for a nurse in a leadership position?

2.Did you have a preceptorship during or after your nursing program? Did the preceptorship address any aspects of management and leadership in nursing?

3.How long after graduation did you accept your first management/leadership position? Do you believe that an advanced degree can equivocate to years of clinical experience? Do you believe that you must be a nurse to lead/manage/supervise nurses? How long have you been in this leadership role?

4. What were some of the rewarding aspects of your first management job?

5. What are some of the frustrations that you encounter in this position?

6. Would you share with me one leadership or management experience where you had to make a really tough decision and how you handled it?

7. Do you have any advice on job selection for new graduates?